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Our living walls are made of natural preserved moss, meaning the moss will not continue to grow.  They require no maintenance, thrive in low light, and bring a sense of calmness to any indoor setting.


We begin by meeting in person to determine the location and size of the moss wall.  We discuss the style of wall that will best suit your space, whether it be an aerial view of the forest floor, a design that generates a flow of greens, or a myriad of soft shapes.  The possibilities are endless, but this initial meeting is the starting point for the type of design you desire.


Following the consultation, we begin creating your living wall.  The length of time it takes depends on the size of the piece, but we put heart and soul into designing a unique piece just for you because no two moss walls are exactly the same.  



Our living walls are lightweight and come ready to hang with the appropriate hardware already attached, but we offer installation for an additional cost.  The best part?  Preserved moss walls require no maintenance - none, whatsoever - no light, no water, no pruning. In its preserved state the moss will retain its color and no longer grow, making it the ideal choice for indoor “living” art.  Simply hang and enjoy.


Biophilia is the love of nature.  It’s also the science behind the art of bringing the outdoors inside. Humans are drawn to all things in the natural world and studies show that incorporating nature into interior design creates a myriad of benefits, among them reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and clarity of thought.  Click on the Biophilic Design page to read more about the advantages and benefits of designing your indoor space using the outdoors.


Each moss wall is priced according to its size.  The going national rate is $125-135 per sq ft.  Our price is $100 per sq ft. If you choose to have a frame, that cost is separate and ranges from $100-300, again depending on the size.  All moss walls come with the appropriate hardware needed for proper hanging, but we’re happy to install it for you for an additional fee.  Once you purchase and hang your moss piece, your investment is complete.  What you’ve truly invested in, though, will last for years and years to come, and that is decreased stress, increased productivity, and a piece of art unique to you.

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