Using color, form and texture from your entrance to your outdoor dining space in planting designs (edibles included) that complement your aesthetic, ambiance, and menu. 


We get to know your restaurant - what sets it apart, what ingredients are being prepared, the ambiance you'd like to create for guests when they dine outside, and your sun and wind patterns. 


We discuss where you'd like pots placed and the function they will serve.  You may like to "fence in" your patio or deck with rectangular planters.  Or please the eye and mind with repetitive plantings in identical pots.  You can create a sense of movement with tall ornamental grasses, or mix in edibles for the menu with colorful plants for more function.  If your outdoor space is a canvas, the consultation will paint the picture. 


Following the consultation, we create a design plan with options that will fulfill your plantscaping needs.  You can choose from an array of pots and finishes: wood, glazed ceramic, terra cotta, synthetic, stone or metal.  The color scheme of the plants, along with their form and texture, will be perfectly suited to your space.  Our carefully formulated soil mixture is created for your plants' needs, and we hand select each plant for your project using the highest quality plants from the most reputable nurseries.


We prepare the pots and add a top dressing of bark, moss or rock to complete the look.  We then deliver, stage and install the final plants and containers into their new locations.  Delivery is efficient and clean, and your satisfaction with the project is guaranteed.


We maintain your project all season long, giving you the satisfying feeling of knowing that your plants will thrive and enhance your outdoor ambiance. 


Your plants are guaranteed if you opt for the optional Thrive Package.  This includes watering, pruning, deadheading, fertilizing, tidying, and seasonal replacement if desired. 


Watering is done on an as needed basis, which can range from daily in the mid summer months to every few days, depending the needs of the plants and the amount of rainfall. 





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There is an initial investment fee and an optional weekly Thrive Package fee.  The initial set-up fee* includes the following:

 - consultation 

 - design plan creation

 - acquiring the pots

 - acquiring the plants

 - creating the soil recipe

 - planting the pots

 - delivery and installation

* the initial investment fee is significantly lower the second year because the cost of the pots is only factored into the first year

The Thrive Package fee includes watering, pruning, deadheading, fertilizing, tidying, and seasonal replacement if desired.  This is a weekly fee that can be paid weekly or monthly. 

The initial investment fee can be paid one of two ways: half at the time of the consultation and half upon installation, or half upon consultation and half over 3 monthly payments.