Enhance your outdoor living space with potted plantings in harmony with your home's aesthetic.


Your home is a reflection of you, and your outdoor space is an extension of your home.  We work with a mix of clients, ranging from private homeowners to architects, landscape architects, property managers, staging companies*, and general contractors.  We evaluate the size of the space, the sun and wind patterns, the existing landscaping, and we then determine the scope of the project to meet the needs within your budget, and where best to place pots for maximum impact.

Raised vegetable beds are pots, too!  Using superior quality cedar beds milled here in Kentucky and designed to last 18-20 years, we'll design and plant organic edible gardens that will produce healthy fruits and vegetables year after year.  

*staging companies can rent pre-potted planters on a weekly or monthly basis as a way to attract buyers by enhancing a home's entrance or outdoor space


Following the consultation, we create a design plan that provides options to fulfill your plantscaping needs.  We offer an array of pots in many sizes and finishes: wood, glazed ceramic, terra cotta, synthetic, stone or metal.  The color scheme of the plants, along with their form and texture, will be perfectly suited to your outdoor space, including the entrance to your home.  We use our own soil mixtures that are carefully formulated for the plants' needs, and we hand select each plant for the project based on sun and wind patterns.

During the winter months we remove the plants and can replace them with materials of "winter interest", providing you with an inviting entrance and patio or deck, all year round.  


We prepare the pots and add a top dressing of bark, moss or rock to complete the look.  We then deliver, stage and install the final plants and containers into their new locations.  Delivery is efficient and clean, and your satisfaction as the homeowner is guaranteed.



Once the project is complete, we provide you with printed instructions for exactly how to care for your plants.  We educate you on how and when to water the plants, the best time of day to water, when it's time to harvest if you're growing edibles, and how to deadhead if necessary to encourage maximum blooming, We schedule a monthly visit during which we fertilize, tidy the plants that need attention and ensure the overall health of your plants for continued season long success. We're also available for any questions you have between our monthly visits.


The cost of the project is determined by its scope: the number and types of pots, and the number and size of plants.  If the homeowner has existing pots, using those will save on the initial investment.  In this case, we will retrieve the pots from the homeowner and clean and prepare them for planting.

There is an initial set-up fee and a weekly Thrive Package fee.  The initial set-up fee* includes the following:

 - consultation 

 - design plan creation

 - acquiring the pots

 - acquiring the plants

 - creating the soil recipe

 - planting the pots

 - delivery and installation

       * the initial set up fee is significantly lower the second year because the cost of the pots is only factored into the first year

The Thrive Package fee includes pruning, deadheading, fertilizing, tidying, and seasonal replacement if desired.  This is a weekly fee that can be paid weekly or monthly. 

The initial set-up fee can be paid one of two ways: half at the time of the consultation and half upon installation, or half upon consultation and half over 3 monthly payments.

During the off season, if you'd like materials of "winter interest" in your pots, we make it affordable and attractive, and there will be no Thrive Package fee during this time.  

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