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Biophilia is the science behind the art of bringing the outdoors in, to create a calming, uplifting space that decreases stress and increases productivity.  Biophilia is roughly defined as humanity’s innate love of the natural world, or our need to bond with nature.  Decorating your home or commercial space using biophilic elements creates that connection, bringing instant benefits.


Implementing biophilic interior design to your home, office or school gives us an amazing sense of calmness and protection, mental restoration, and improved productivity. 


Wnaturally feel better when we have access to sunlight, fresh air and plants.  But the science is what backs this up.  We spend 90% of our time indoors and the benefits of biophilic design aid us physiologically and psychologically by reducing stress, improving cognitive function, and enhancing mood and creativity.

In short, our health and well being are more important now more than ever.  The research strongly shows that when surrounded by nature indoors, we’re happier, healthier, and more productive.


The cost of the project is determined by its scope.  Please contact us for details.

There is an initial set-up fee and a weekly Thrive Package fee.  The initial set-up fee* includes the following:

 - consultation 

 - design plan creation

 - acquiring the pots

 - acquiring the plants

 - creating the soil recipe

 - planting the pots

 - delivery and installation

       * the initial set up fee is significantly lower the second year because the cost of the pots is only factored into the first year

The Thrive Package fee includes pruning, deadheading, fertilizing, tidying, and seasonal replacement if desired.  This is a weekly fee that can be paid weekly or monthly. 

The initial set-up fee can be paid one of two ways: half at the time of the consultation and half upon installation, or half upon consultation and half over 3 monthly payments.

During the off season, if you'd like materials of "winter interest" in your pots, we make it affordable and attractive, and there will be no Thrive Package fee during this time.  

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